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The Exhaust Commander Elite for the 2005-Up Corvette is now available.

Use your Corvette keyfob and door lock button to control your bi-mode exhaust! Click Here


Exhaust Commander for the ZL1 Camaro is now available! 
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We are the manufacturer of the Exhaust Commander Line of Wireless NPP/Z06/ZR1 Corvette Exhaust Controllers. The newest and most technologically advanced bi-mode exhaust controllers available.

All Exhaust Commander units carry a LIFETIME WARRANTY!.

We have several different Wireless On / Off only switches for the NPP/Z06/ZR1 Corvette Bi-mode Exhaust available.

We now have the new Exhaust Commander Car2U that is compatible with the universal visor remote on the 2006-2013 Corvette! As well as multi featured controllers that let the user select what rpm the butterflies in their exhaust open up at.

Please read all about our Exhaust Commander Quality Wireless controllers for the NPP/Z06/ZR1 Exhaust on their pages.

You can shop in our Secure Online Store. Just click on the store page and check it out.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at anytime

Sunset Orange Creations - sunsetorangecreations@yahoo.com

Phone - (830) - 44VETTE
Phone - (830) - 448-3883

Be Sure to check out the online store for All our Wireless Exhaust Controllers!

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