The amazing DashTronix Radar Projector is BACK!!!

Sunset Orange Creations has acquired the exclusive rights to manufacture and sell the DashTronix Radar Projector product line. We are now able to provide the amazing DashTronix Radar Projector to the Corvette community as we are not a reseller
that has the units drop shipped, we manufacture and stock these units at our facility.

The Radar Projector is available for the Valentine 1 and Escort 9500ci / Bel Sti-R Plus(custom install) radar detectors.

Radar Projector description:

You can display your Valentine 1™ radar detector in your DIC, HUD and even BOTH with the DashTronix Radar Projector!
The RP is only displayed in street mode of the HUD.

The  Radar Projector™ comes with everything you need right out of the box.  
The RP plugs into your car at the OBD-II port under the steering column with the included cable.
 It automatically controls the power to your Valentine 1™, using the telephone cord included with your Valentine 1™,
 by sensing when you turn your engine on and off [B]without the need for tapping fuses, wires or using the lighter outlet.[/B]  
With its incredible efficiency and intelligence [B]it's designed to be left plugged in to your car at all times.[/B]
We have a solution for users that have something already plugged into the OBD-II port.

All information from your Valentine 1™ is transferred to the DIC and/or HUD
so you don't have to take your eyes off the road to have radar situational awareness.  
There is simply nothing else like the Radar Projector™ available!

Priced starting at $250.00 it is an incredible value!

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V1 Displays:

The Radar Projector is available for the Valentine 1 and Escort 9500ci /Bel Sti-R (custom install) radar detectors.

The Radar Projector is only compatible with the Valentine 1 radar detector and the Escort 9500ci  / Bel Sti-R.
The RP is not compatible with any other radar detectors.

Here is a list of the amazing features:

[*] - Display your radar detector in your  HUD and/or DIC, or both!
[*] - Powers your V1 radar detector on and off when the car is turned on and off.
[*] - Includes up to 5 formats* showing frequency and/or direction of up to 8 bogies in HUD and/or 5 in DIC .
(5 display formats for ESP enabled V1 detectors, 2 formats for non ESP detectors)
[*] - Mutes and unmutes based on speed (legacy detectors can only unmute only when all signals are gone for a few seconds).
[*] - Selectable V1 display illumination:  Keep it dark in stealth mode or simultaneously illuminated while RP gives radar status as usual.

The Radar Projector has the available option of ESP support for the Valentine 1 radar detectors that are ESP enabled.
ESP enabled V1 detectors say "ESP" on the bottom left of the detector.

The speed controlled auto mute function is standard on the Valentine 1 version of the Radar Projector.

For more information, installation instructions, or to order your DashTronix Radar Projector™, DashTronix Radar Projector

Radar Projector Instructions

Units are in stock and ready to ship!

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